Solid Wall Insulation

Jubizol MP is a solid wall insulation system which has a through colour silicone render applied over a mineral fibre insulation board. Jubizol MP has a class O fire rating so it is suitable for Schools, Hospitals and all other types of public buildings. For more information go to �

Self Cleaning Paint

JUB have launched a new self cleaning paint. Revitalcolor Silikon is a micro-reinforced silicone facade paint which has anti-mildew and special water repellent additives. It is a highly durable exterior paint which has excellent weather and ageing resistance and it is recommended for industrial and coastal areas. Revitalcolor Silikon can also be used to bridge…

Trade Centre

JUB are pleased to announce the opening of a new trade centre in Coventry. Independent Specialist Render Supply Ltd have installed a new JUB tinting machine which can tint all of the JUB renders and paints to the JUMIX, NCS and RAL colour ranges. The JUMIX system has an extensive colour tinting capability so you can choose…

External Wall Insulation

Jubizol S is the fully approved and warranted external wall insulation system from JUB. Jubizol S is a highly durable and flexible external render system which can be specified for use onto new-build or refurbishment projects. For further technical information, please go to our website –

One Coat Paint

Jupol Trend is a top quality interior water-based drip resistant emulsion wall paint to give one coat coverage to walls and ceilings. Jupol Trend is odourless, scrubbable and mildew resistant. Jupol Trend comes in 9 ready-mixed colours – White, Lemon, Orange, Apricot, Cherry, Olive, Kiwi, Marine and Ocean.

Insulated Render

JUB have installed their Jubizol S cement-free insulated render system to a new type of Modern Method of Construction. This six part detatched house was manufactured off-site and then erected on site saving approx 30% in time against a traditionally constructed house. The Jubizol S anti-crack render system was specified to reduce the number of applications…

Dry-Lining Mortar

JUB have launched a new type of Dry-Lining mortar for use over Gypsum plasterboards. Jubolin P25 interior levelling paste is a polymer, water based ready to use interior levelling compound which is used as an alternative to traditional dry-mix mortars. Jubolin P25 is a ready mixed compound and is applied straight from the tub by hand or…