JUB External Render – Ecofix

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Jubizol MP is a breathable external render system which is suitable for hollow block construction.

The Mineral Wool insulation is recyclable, has a low carbon footprint and when installed at 120mm thick, reduces the walls U-value to 0.27W/m2K.

JUB also manufacture all of the system components using our sustainable Hydro-Electric Power Turbine which provides 60% of our manufacturing plants energy.

JUB are working towards becoming carbon neutral before 2025.

Painting Over Render

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Revitalcolor AG is an exterior microfibre reinfirced waterborne anti-mildew acrylic paint.

The coating resists algae and mildew growth and contains special water-repellent additives (siloxanes)

It is a durable coating which provides excellent weather and ageing resistance.

Revitalcolor AG bridges hairline cracks and it is recommended for longlasting protection of decorative renders. It can also be used as a special equalizing coat for through colour mineral renders.

Self Cleaning Paint

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Jubizol Silikon is a Self-Cleaning Exterior Paint which contains anti-mildew additives which makes it exteremely water repellent.

Using our Silicone Technology, dirt particles are picked up by the rainwater and are easily cleaned off the surface.

Jubizol Silikon is vapour permeable and can be tinted to 222 different colours on the Jumix tinting system.

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