Rendering External Walls

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At JUB we are not just concerned with the manufacture and supply of our external render systems, our objective is to contribute to great architecture and to provide a first class service to our customers.

External Rendering

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JUB renders & textures provide a wide range of colour options and protection for the external facade.

JUB have developed and designed numerous external rendering solutions for maximum crack resistance, weather-proofing and UV fade resistance.

The Jubizol CR system is designed for use onto a render carrier board to create a cavity for timber and steel frame constructions.

Insulated Render

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JUB are a specialist manufacturer of Insulated Render Systems which incorporate Silicone, Acrylic and Mineral Render finishes.

JUB have a proven experience together with certified systems and technical expertise which ensures the provision of full manufacturer warranties.

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Pre-Mixed Plaster

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JUB have developed an new type of plaster for internal walls which is 3-4 times quicker to install than traditional gypsum plastering.

Jubolin pre-mixed plaster is a water based polymer which is ready to use straight from the tub. It is used for plastering interior walls and ceilings for surfaces like gypsum boards, fibre-board, wood-cement boards and aerated concrete.

There is no mixing required and Jubolin can be applied with a stainless steel trowel or by a spray machine.

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Mould Resistant Paint

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JUB have developed a mould resistant paint called Jupol Citro

Jupol Citro is a special environmentally friendly mould resistant interior paint which has a scent of lemon throughout the application and drying process.

Jupol Citro has been developed for use in high condensation areas like kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and laundries.

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Insulated Render Design Studio

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JUB Design Studio

JUB have developed their own tinting system for external renders / paints and internal emulsion paints. We can also tint to the NCS & RAL colour charts.

Click here to render or paint an existing building with colours from the JUMIX System:


Solid Wall Insulation

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Jubizol MP is a highly durable Solid Wall Insulation solution.

Jubizol MP components are mineral based thus creating a class ‘O’ fire rated External Wall Insulation system.

Jubizol mineral basecoat is applied over a mineral fibre insulation board and re-enforced with a glass fibre mesh.

Jubizol MP is finished with a Silicone or Silicate through colour render which provide excellent vapour permeability and fire resistance.

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Acrylic Renders

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JUB have a systematic approach to Insulated Render which ensures the Jubizol System can be installed to a wide variety of construction types.

Jubizol S was used to create a tight curve because the EPS insulation can be rasped to achieve a difficult radius.

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NHBC – Zurich – Premier

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JUB have gained NHBC compliance approval for our Jubizol CR (Cavity Rail) drained cavity rail system.

The Jubizol CR system can be installed with either a Mineral Fibre or EPS insulation board to metal and timber frame structures.

As the name suggests, Jubizol CR is installed using the rail system which overcomes any irregular surfaces.

The Jubizol CR system has been tested by the BBA.


Acrylic Render

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JUB have installed a second tinting machine in the UK.

This tinting machine is fully automated and can tint the full range of JUB Interior / Exterior paints and our Silicone / Acrylic renders.

JUB can also colour match to a wide variety of colour ranges and shades.

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