JUB’s Timber Frame Cavity Rail System

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JUB’s Cavity Rail External Wall Insulation System has been installed as the perfect solution for a number of timber frame properties in Scotland. The BBA and NHBC approved system,  incorporates a minimum 20mm drained cavity with limited air flow to allow for any moisture within the structure to drain to the ground, but also keeping the thermal integrity supplied by the external insulation. JUB also provides a Cavity Rail System for Steel Frame construction with a minimum 15mm cavity.

JUB’s NEW External Wall Insulation Brochure

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The NEW JUB External Wall Insulation Brochure introduces high quality system solutions for.

Masonry / Steel Frame / Timber Frame / Cavity Rail / Park Homes as well as the New Heat Reflective Render that enables the use of dark colours onto insulation without the need for a paint coat.

JUB 2016 Brochure Front Cover

For the Best Render Solutions including Self Cleaning, download our brochure by clicking on the link below.

2016 – JUB External Wall Insulation Brochure

With JUB Appearance is Everything

NEW! Heat Reflective Render

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Trend from JUB – now you can use dark coloured renders as part of an EWI system, including black….

The JUB organisation has developed a breakthrough tinting process which incorporates the new technology of IR Reflexion into one of our topcoat renders. This now enables the specification of renders with a light intensity down to 5 with an External Wall Insulation system and with the knowledge that the long-term performance is not affected.

This revolutionary render can absorb up to 40% less heat gain and therefore reduce the wall temperature by around 15 degrees Celsius increasing the depth of the colours that can be used. JUB Systems are one of the few companies that manufacture the inks that go into the tinting process, therefore ensuring the quality of all the products we produce.



 For more information email us at technical@jub.org.uk 

JUB awarded 60 year durability BBA

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BBA Cert

JUB are proud to announce that we have been awarded

the 60 year durability BBA certification for our Jubizol

expanded polystyrene system which also includes our

Dash Render finish.


The joint 30 / 60 year certification is one of the first to be issued

for the extended lifetime of the system and once again underpins

the quality and longevity of the JUB systems.

for more information please visit our main website www.jubrenders.co.uk or call our technical department on 0845 688 9866 or email us at technical@jub.org.uk



Unixil Winter Grade Topcoat – Reduce delays and costs this winter

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With a harsh winter expected upon the construction industry this year,  JUB Unixil Winter Grade Topcoat, is the perfect solution to rendering delays and ‘Facade wash offs’. Specifically designed for use in inclement weather and well proven through last year’s winter, JUB Unixil Winter Grade can be applied at temperatures down to 1 deg C and humidity levels of up to 95%, Unlike other winter grade products, Unixil Winter Grade will also set quickly in temperatures up to 15 deg C, therefore giving the confidence that you are using the right product  through a typical UK winter where the temperature fluctuations prevent the use of other types of winter mixes.

JUB Unixil Winter Grade  is the perfect solution for rendering this winter.

For more information please click on the following link Unixil Winter Grade 141203 – Low Res

Winter Grade Front CoverUnixil Winter

Award Winning Project

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McInnes Gardner Architects have won the ‘Best Individual New Build’ award for the development at Shandon, Helensburgh in the Herald Property Awards. JUB Systems UK Ltd supplied the basecoats for both blockwork and cement board substrates as well as the Unixil topcoat render. Unixil is a unique combination of the acrylic. silicate and silicone that utilises all the benefits of these resins into one product which provides good breathability, high resistance to mould and algae growth and an extensive range of colours.

JUB on the Box

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JUB’s high performance render system was seen last week on Sarah Beeny’s Double your Money program on Channel 4. The property was an existing bungalow in the severe weather area of Saltdean, East Sussex, the owners of the property wished to extend it by adding another floor to ensure better views of the sea. The JUB render only Silicone system was idea for the differing substrates and the extreme conditions the area suffers from.

JUB Blog

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JUB Systems UK Ltd are manufacturers of the Jubizol Insulated Render Systems which include through colour Self-Cleaning Silicone, Silicate renders, Dashing Mortars and crack resistant Acrylic renders.

JUB Registered Office: JUB Systems UK Ltd, West Walk Building, 110 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 7LT. Tel: 0845 688 9866.

JUB Distribution Centre: JUB Systems UK Ltd, Unit 2, Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Glenfield, Leicestershire, LE3 8DX – Tel: 0845 688 9866 – info@jub.org.uk


JUB Winter Grade does exactly what it says

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Since the launch of the JUB Winter Grade, designed for application in temperatures of 1 to 15 deg C, we have experienced, high humidity, fog, snow and high rainfall. The experience of using the Winter Grade from our installers has been very positive and below is a comment from one of the leading EWI installers in the UK.

“JUB is the easiest winter product to apply and the only one that does not result in return passes. It does what it says on the tin and we would like all jobs to be JUB”

Unixil Winter





Did You Know – algae and mould feed on dirt?

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The Problem

Algae and mould spores will feed off dirt on the façade and therefore spread. Atmospheric dirt can be deposited by general rainwater onto the façade surface, so if your property is in a coastal area or an area susceptible to airborne algae and mould growth, your façade is at risk.

The Solution

JUB Nanoxil Self Cleaning Render is the perfect solution to the problem of algae and mould. Not only does it resist the build up of algae and mould spores it disperses the build up of dirt and dust due to it’s nanotechnology silicone composition.

Call us on 0845 688 9866 for more information on protecting your building for longer.

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